A utilização da Wii na reabilitação

Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation with Nintendo Wii?

The Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Study at UMDNJ-SHRP has recently concluded a study that examined the use of Nintendo Wii in the rehabilitation of cerebral palsy patients. Led by Dr. Judith Deutsch, this case study analyzed how a 13-year old male patient responded to use of Wii versus traditional physical therapies.

Following 11 rehabilitation sessions over a one-month period, the study found that the patient's visual perception, bodily control and functional mobility had all shown significant signs of improvement.

The Future of Rehabilitation for Cerebral Palsy Patients
Because this case study only evaluated a single patient for a short amount of time, further research needs to be completed before medical experts can gauge the effectiveness of Wii (or other virtual reality programs) in the rehabilitation of cerebral palsy.

However, these results are promising, as they indicate the potential for a less expensive alternative form of cerebral palsy therapy. Unlike current robotic systems used in rehabilitation sessions, the Wii is commercially produced, widely available and only a fraction of the cost.

This means that far more cerebral palsy patients may have access to vital rehabilitation therapies, should the Wii or other virtual reality systems prove effective alternatives with future studies.



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